With over two decades of experience, HENSCHKE GmbH is one of the leading importers of Chinese graphite electrodes for electric arc furnaces in Europe. Our established expertise and the international industry standard for graphite electrodes, IEC 60239:2005, are the parameters for the HENSCHKE specifications and the groundwork for our engineers’ cooperation with Chinese manufacturers.

This allows for an optimized performance of our products and ensures their attractive price-performance ratio. Refinements to reduce lateral oxidation wear are part of our portfolio as well as all known compound types and special designs. The sales volume of HENSCHKE GmbH enables us to respond with short reaction times to unplanned demand.

Our quality monitoring covers the entire supply chain, while a powerful logistics network ensures steady supply to our customers even within long-term supply agreements.

Contact us to optimise your technical processes, adjustments and installations of electric arc furnaces. We are ready to develop your individual solutions.


The various applications of our products range from iron and steel manufacturing to many non-ferrous uses.

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